spam project

Spam Project is an online exhibition, wich hosted international digital artists. For each of the two issues, a special space have been created, wich can be navigated around to see each peace with closer detail. The project started in 2014, with the number titled 'I forgot the password and my Doppelgänger will destroy me'. This was a maze-like space, with pieces with a broad spectrum of digital mediums. The second and last issue was published on 2017 under the name 'Survival of the Twittest', as a result of a reflexion on the microblogging and the communication habits, and the relation with the spoken lenguage. For this issue the 'white cube' space was left behind, to give place to a darker space, where exept for the grids below each peace, the limits are not defined. The navegation has more freedom of movement, and since in this case the pieces are conceived as instalations, there is a stronger invitation to the visitors to observe the piece from difrent angles and distances to get the details of the piece. The project was conceived by Carolina Romano and Markus Rico. The development and adequance of the pieces to web have been made by Carolina Romano. It is recomended to navigate the spaces on a good computer.

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