Scannoramic is a photography project by Carolina Romano and Arturo Castro. It tries to capture a whole trip by train, in one long image. To be able to do it, we decided to use the traditional slit scan technique. In the images one can appreciate the changes of speed, like in the ghost like pictures that result from people walking by, in stations, while the train is stopped. The distance at which things are from the train which results in asymptote like curves for long elements like roads or bridges that tend to infinite where they cross with the rails. Or the speed of things passing by like the comppressed images of other trains or cars. Although its meant medium is print, we think it would be great to share it with more people, so we made this website, where we will be uploading some of our picture/trips. This is still a work in progress. We plan to use faster cameras to be able to capture more details that are now lost when the train is travelling too fast or the objects are too near..

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