meeting at the eclipse

As organizer of the Blender meetup in Berlin I had proposse a topic as starting point for people to interprete and come up with their own ideas about it to create a piece. In this case the inspiration title was 'meeting at the eclipse'.

I desided to base my piece on the way the Mojo culture from Bolivia interpreted eclipses. Broadly speaking, they considered that a celestial Jaguar was attacking the moon to eat her. The moon was imagined as a giant godess. A woman dressed in a white floating garmet. During the eclipse, the people would shout and throw arrows to the Jaguar to make it go away.

The UV textures have been printed to paper, then 'transfered' with pen to water colour paper. Then the textures have been painted on the water colour paper and scanned to go back to the digital workflow.

The scene can be navigated online. Alt+LMB to Orbit, scroll to Zoom In/Out, MMB and drag to move around. Meeting at the Eclipse Meeting at the Eclipse Meeting at the Eclipse Meeting at the Eclipse