Work in progress

3D generalist

Personal projects involving 3D modeling, animation, texturing, rigging and rendering

Phonetics Medical Project

3D generalist

Medical project for patients to improve their pronunciation. I have created all the models, animations, rigging and textures. The final project consisted on one video per each one of the phonems of american english.

Spam Project

Curatorial project

Programming in Three.js, modelling and animation with Maya, curation in collaboration with Marcus Rico and texts

First Issue: 'I forgot the password and my Doppelgänger will destroy me'

How confortable you feel about your personal content being spread all over the network? Probably is not a problem for you, because you don´t have nothing to hide. You are a very average citizen. Right? ...

Batman Arkham Knight

Facial animation

Animation with 3DS Max for Mimic

During 2013 and 2014 I worked doing facial animation for the video game Batman: Arkham Knight.



Work in progress



Modelling and animation in Blender



Modelling and animation in Cinema 4d

Work in progress. Animation with Arturo Castro, commisioned by Audition Records (Berlin) for the piece Microseq[Pandelis Diamantides] autidionrecords



Scannoramic is a photography project in collaboration with Arturo Castro. It tries to capture a whole trip by train, in one long image.

Aura Digital

Photo & Glitch

openFrameworks, processing, audacity and After Effects

Aura Digital attempts to reflect and question about the “loss of aura” in family portraiture. What changes have occurred from the Daguerreotype to the myriad of digital photos inconsequential, interchangeable, reproduced ad nauseum on the internet, in different social networks?

Layers of unreality

Mixed media, Glitch

Cinema 4d, processing and After Effects


Motion Graphics

Modelling and animation in Cinema 4d and After Effects



After Effects

A pencil story

Motion Graphics

2D animation in After Effects